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Mt. Everest

Potala Palace in Tibet

Ganesh Himal

ee Mt. Everest (29,028 ft) from 19,000 ft high Kalapathar (near Mt. Everest Base Camp) at only 4 miles from the world's tallest pinnacle or discover the hidden land of Tibet, whether in Tibet or in its vincinity in Nepal. See Eight of the twelve mountains over 8,000m high or spend a night at the deepest gorge on the planet. Find yourself among the endangered one-horned Rhinos and the exotic bengali Tiger in the wild  or see the dance of the fabulous Danfe.

Visit the exotic Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal on your own schedule.

Beat the river or hit the snow-capped mountains or take a look at the traditional Nepal closely in any way you want to.

We will schedule your travel with your needs . . . Time, Season, Trasportation . . . Shopping, Safari, Trekking, Sight-seeing, Travelling, Tibet, Expedition, Rafting . . . all under one roof.




Janaki temple in Janakpur



g_tit.jpg (2083 bytes)o through the following options to explore your tour to the Shangrila of the East and the mystical Pamirs.

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Nepal Explore the beautiful and exotic country of Nepal and find the best of it . .
Treking Get the best info on trekking through some of the highest mountain passes of the world . . .
Travel & Tours Set your views on ancient arts and craftmanship refelcted by the country's own temples, palaces and stupas that dates back to as early as 5 AD.
Rafting Hit the fast moving rivers of Nepal and find yourself among the best rapids (upto grade 6) of the world . . .
Safari See the wild lives in its natural habitat in some of the thick tropical forests of Nepal. Animals include One-horn Rhino, Bengali Tiger, Gharial, Chittal . . .
Tibet Discover the mysteries of the hidden land on the planet. Go through the heart of Tibet to explore the unknowns . . .