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Potala Palace in Tibet



There ain't no greater place for peace on earth than Tibet.

t_tit.jpg (1382 bytes)ibet is the land that has been battered by unholy cicumstances that started in 1959. Once a peaceful and exotic nation has turned into a more expanded and modern culture. However, the capital of Lhasa and the route towards northern Nepal still gives us the same old Tibetan establishments and traditions. Be it the road to Zhangmu or the monasteries in Singatse and Gyantse, Tibet has its own culture that is still alive which perhaps would have been perished several decades ago.

There are places on Earth where travellers may be able to see the Tibetan structured culture and tradition, for instance in Mustang and Dolpo, Nepal, but the feelings one would get by setting their foot on once restricted area, is just too great. The extended great Potala Palace, still gives us the same theme and beauty as it used to hundreds of years ago.

Visit this beautiful cultural nation, and be proud that you have attained peace.
Get the best of Buddhism - as a religion, philosophy or culture.

Tibet Program and Itinerary for 2015
ManSarobar Lake and Mt. Kailash Trip


Day 01 Arrive Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel
Day 02 Full day sightseeing aroung Kathmandu Valley (Sunday)
Day 03 Free day in Kathmandu (Monday)
Day 04 Fly to Lhasa
Day 05 Sightseeing in Lhasa
Day 06 Sight seeing in Lhasa
Day 07 Drive lhasa to Gyantse
Day 08 Drive to Singatse
Day 09 Drive to Xager
Day 10 Drive to Zhangmu
Day 11 Drive to Kathmandu
Day 12 Free Day in Kathmandu
Day 13 Free day in kathmandu
Day 14 Departure from Kathmandu

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