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A Mountain

Mt. Cho Oyu

As I stepped out on my first day's march in the Himalayas, a strange exhiliration thrilled me. I kept squeezing my fists together and saying emphatically to myself and athe universe at large: "Oh yes! Oh yes! This is really splendid!"

-Sir Francis Younghusband

Trekkinghe country's mountainous, hilly, and Terai regions offer some of the most spectacular trekking in the world. In fact, the adventurous traveler will have difficulty in selecting from the numerous tour packages at his disposal. However, much depends on what the traveler has come to see and experience.

Treks vary from high-altitude routes to simple ones within the Kathmandu Valley. These treks will give you a chance to mix with the local people and get an insight into their livelihood and culture.

We offer


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heck out the exclusive Trek Packages in these mountain regions. The following includes information on the mountain, the mountain range, the treks, and the stops and camps.

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Mt. Everest, at 29,028 ft is the highest moutain peak of the world. Also, known by the third pole, Everest soars as Sagarmatha high above the sky and the clouds. This region also includes Lhotse (27,923 ft), Cho Oyu (26,750 ft) and Amadablam (22,491 ft).
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The third highest in the world after Everest (29,028 ft) and K-2, Kanchenjunga (28,0208 ft) trek is regarded as the most difficult and elite trek only after the Everest Expedition.
MAKALU As the fifth highest in the world, Makalu (27,825 ft) was once the highest peak in the world before the discovery of the Everest and K-2.
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Also, called the land of Lo, Mustang (15,000 ft) is named as the alternate Tibet. This forbidden land until 1991, is the most classic of all the treks, when the trekkers pass through the deepest gorge in the world.
ANNAPURNA The most famous and popular among all the mountain trekking is the Annapurna (26,545 ft) circuit. Passing through the windy pass, Thorang La (17,770 ft) is considered the most difficult short path after the Hillay summit.
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Dhaulagiri at 8,167 m (26,795 ft) is the sixth highest in the world and together with Annapurna makes the deepest gorge in the world at 6000 m deep. The trek to this residual mountain (unlike himalayan fold mountains), as the only of its kind in the country, is adventurous and worth.
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Sworn in by the Tibetans after 1959, this remote valley is three weeks of walk to the nearest road. In one of toughest treks, the trekkers are rewarded with the sight of ancient monasteries and the sacred crystal mountains at 16,000 ft.
LANGTANG Perhaps the nearest trekking route from the capital, this trek leads to several other to Gosaikunda, the holy land, and Helambu.
OTHERS Other mountains such as Manaslu (26,766 ft),  Ganesh Himal (24,298 ft) and Gauri Shanker also offers some of the best and aspiring treks in the himalayas. Treks to Rara lake and to the western corner are just as exotic as others.