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Imagine a land where the loudest noise is the wind flowing through the mountain passes far above, or the distant rumble of a river

Excellence Certificate from Tripadvisor

Excellence Certificate from Tripadvisor

crashing through its canyon far below, or the musical plunk of a rice mill somewhere on a verdant hillside, of goats or roosters calling from the next valley, or the chatter of children from a walled school-yard. Imagine a panorama of green steep hills rising to rolling crests of glissading stone, then far above them soaring peaks of sheer white ice, and above these, towering over the earth and blocking off the sky, great bastions of razor sharp glacier and jagged black rock - these are the Himalayas, the Roof of the World, and this is Nepal, the hidden, mystical kingdom of peace, beauty, and serenity.

Once the province only of its hearty, strong, and friendly people, then of a few intrepid climbers who came to conquer and die on its fierce mountains, Nepal is now accessible to anyone with a reasonably good constitution and a love for the beauty and mystery of the world. From its fascinating, ancient capital of Kathmandu to its most remote trails and villages, from its flat Terai forests to its precipitous mountain torrents and wind-swept vistas, from its Hindi-speaking lowlanders to the proud and kindly Sherpas and Tibetans of its higher climes, Nepal is fascinating, complex, compelling, and unforgettable. Few people visit Nepal just once, for to go to Nepal is to promise to return.

- Brian Tetly
The Insider's Guide to Nepal

Nature alone makes its one of the most fascinating countries in Asia: a confusion of mountains and hills, almost as if the Himalayas, in an attempt to reach the heavens, had crumbled back down to earth.

- Guiseppe Tucci,
Journey to Mustang


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